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Salary data you can use

In this issue:

-How to Get Salary Data You Can Actually USE

-Productivity Tips: You're a Horrible Boss (but don't let that offend you)


Don't panic!

In this issue:

-STOP Panic Hiring!

-Productivity Tips: Home-Grown Talent


Why you need to hire under-experienced candidates

In this issue:

-Experience? Why It's Not All it's Cracked Up to Be

-Productivity Tips: 5 Best Ways to Build -- or Break -- Trust at Work


Hiring changes you NEED to make!

In this issue:

-Candidate LOVE

-HR Blog Watch: 25 Ways Your HR Department is Quietly Killing Its Credibility -- and What You Can do About it

-Simplify Your Life: Leave Work at Work!


Guide to effective interviewing

In this issue:

-Feature eBook: Better Interviews. Better Hires.

-Simplify Your Life: Everything Zen: Feng Shui for Your Workplace


For You (See Inside)

In this issue:

-The Young & the Restless (talent management/development strategies for new managers)

-Leadership Tip of the Month: Be More than Mediocre


Avoid the Visionary B.S.

In this issue:

-Are You Executing Company Vision--or Just Paying it Lip Service?

-"To-Do" Lists: Waste of Time or Productivity Boon?

-Stat of the Month

-Leadership Tip of the Month: Think for Yourself


Is HR the ugly stepchild?

In this issue:

-Stop Treating HR Like an Ugly Stepchild

-That's Hilarious! (to you, anyway)


Your employees are leaving!

In this issue:

-It's a Mutiny!

-Read Between the Lines


Is your screening process legal?

In this issue:

-Background Checks: Stay Legal, Hire Smart


Do more. Spend less. Go crazy!

When it comes to your workforce, trying to "do more with less" may actually cost you more in the long run. This month's eBook will show you why--and what you can do about it!


Important ACA information

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), taking full effect in 2014, brings big changes to the health insurance plans businesses must offer. It is important to make sure you know the facts about the PPACA and understand the options a staffing agency can provide, so that your firm is fully prepared for the new legislation.


Your team needs a vacation

One in four American workers doesn't get any paid vacation or holidays! To make matters worse, many employees who do get paid time off don't take it. Does that make us industrious, or crazy? Here's why giving your staff time away from the job is smart business.


How to Execute Your Strategic Plan in 2013

In this issue:

-Action! How to Execute Your Strategic Plan in 2013

-2013's Top Tech Trends to Watch

-Stat of the Month

-Leadership Tip of the Month


We've got good news and bad news

Download this FREE publication to discover:

  • How to minimize unplanned turnover
  • Why one-size-fits-all retention plans won't work
  • What you must do during an employee's first 90 days
  • How to create a workplace that attracts top performers and makes them want to stay!


How to Win Customers and Influence Complainers

As Mad Men's Don Draper once famously said, "If you don't like what is being said about you, change the conversation." This month's edition of Great Ideas shows you the right way to do that using social media.


We Need to Talk

It’s Relationships 101. Don't treat your staffing firm like an afterthought. Or a place to turn to only when you're in a bind. If you only communicate with them when you need something, or at the last minute, you won't get the most out of your relationship.


Occupy the 60 Percent!

Did you know that only 18 percent of the full-time workforce is actively looking for a new job? And that most employers are only reaching a fraction of that 18 percent? Let's not get bogged down by numbers--this article will show you how to reach that untapped talent pool.


Who hired "THAT" guy?

Sometimes candidates look great on paper, or in the interview, but end up being a total bust. Weed out the "THAT guys" of the business world and make better hires by integrating personality tests into your hiring process.


Stop! Don't make another hire...

Stop! Don't make another hire without reviewing the items in our Hiring Toolkit below. It's the ultimate collection of information, forms, and tools to help ensure that your next hire is a perfect fit.


Is your company ready to evolve?

Take a quick second to think back three years... How did you run your business? What marketing and sales strategies worked best? What was the demographic makeup of your employees? Now think about how different your answers to those questions are today. The point is that the way we do business and the keys to success are constantly changing. What works today might not work tomorrow. The most successful companies are those who are constantly evolving and adjusting their strategies. To help you with your strategy, I wanted to share an article that contains 10 things businesses need to do today to plan for future success.


Are You a Busy Boss?

This month in Great Ideas, we're focusing on a topic that's critical to the success of any business--being an effective boss and leader.


Sick of meetings wasting your time?

About 25 million meetings take place in corporate America daily. Can you imagine how much we could get done if we just stopped meeting so much? Actually, the secret is not to get rid of meetings, but to take a different approach. How? Read on to discover how you can become a world-class leader of high performance meetings.


5 Reasons Why You Should Go Undercover

On the hit show "Undercover Boss", CEOs put on a disguise and go undercover in their own companies to discover what's really going on at the front lines in their organization. It's a great lesson for all leaders. Now we're not saying you need to put on a fake nose and mustache, but spending some time "in the field" can be a very enlightening and worthwhile endeavor.


Overcome your biggest challenge

Overcome your biggest challenge


Keep your talent

In this issue, you'll find a great article that will show you seven steps you can take to keep your top performers with you for the long haul.


Do You Know Who You are Really Hiring?

Do You Know Who You are Really Hiring?


Keep your talent from walking out the door

Keep your talent from walking out the door


Avoid the perils of screening via social networks

With access comes responsibility--namely, to respect candidates' rights during the screening process. Screening out potential employees based solely upon what you glean from social media leaves you open to potential discrimination charges. So protect yourself and your organization by incorporating these 10 Do's and Don'ts into your social media recruitment strategy.


2010 Benefits and Salary Trends

Jan 2010 Adams and Garth Newsletter


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